The Office of Housing Policy

The Office of Housing Policy is dedicated to using research-based data to drive the Ohio Housing Finance Agency's (OHFA) mission, "We open the doors to an affordable place to call home," for Ohio families. Staffed by OHFA, the office works in partnership with The Ohio State University and collaborates with other colleges, universities and partners to engage research to guide affordable housing policies.

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  • Predicting Evictions: A Look Back on Redlining in Ohio

    Can redlining maps made eight decades ago predict where evictions occur today? Redlining set in motion decades of community disinvestment that has plagued many of these neighborhoods ever since.

  • Evicted

    Evicted: Tenants' Rights and Unsafe Housing

    Housing stock for low-income residents is aging, and housing conditions show it, from lead-based paint to poor heating systems and more. This poor-quality housing often leads to eviction, housing code violations and other hazards. How can residents avoid eviction and find a safe place to call home?

  • Evicted

    Evicted: No Place to Call Home

    In 2016, over 100,000 evictions were filed in Ohio alone. What is at the root of this housing instability, and how do we tackle these issues in a cost-effective and humane way?

  • Finding a Just-Right Home: The Realities of Renting in Ohio

    How well-suited are renters to their homes? Though housing researchers have explored the affordability and accessibility of housing, comparatively little research has been done on how compatible existing housing stock is with residents in the area.