OHFA Program Offices

  • OHFA's Program Offices

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) offers affordable housing opportunities for Ohioans including first-time homebuyers, renters, senior citizens, and other populations with special needs who otherwise might not be able to afford quality housing.

OHFA Programs

  • Planning, Preservation and Development

    As the leader in developing innovative, effective programs that strengthen Ohio communities and address affordable housing needs throughout the state, one of OHFA's goals is to provide financial support and tax incentives to developers committed to developing low- to moderate-income homes for Ohioans.

  • Program Compliance

    If you manage a rental property financed through an OHFA loan and/or Housing Tax Credits, the Office of Program Compliance is your resource for meeting reporting requirements, maintaining regulatory compliance, and ensuring your project's ongoing financial viability.

  • The Office of Housing Policy

    The Office of Housing Policy was established in December 2009 and serves as a resource to develop evidence-based affordable housing policies through research, project development and management, data analysis, and engaging stakeholder collaborations.