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Location: 57 East Main Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Office Hours: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday

Toll Free: 888.362.6432
Main Phone: 614.387.2868

If you believe a person or entity is attempting to or has committed fraud using one of OHFA's multifamily financing tools, please use our Fraud Reporting Form to report the suspected activity.

Contact List

Low-interest permanent financing for new or existing tax credit developments Matt Wootton, Multifamily Lending Manager 614.387.1646
Opportunities to collaborate in housing policy development Diane Alecusan, Program and Policy Manager 614.387.1668
Preparing an application for a multifamily housing development program Karen Banyai, Operations Manager 614.752.4185
Processing a development through to closing, monitoring or compliance after award Diane Alecusan, Program and Policy Manager 614.387.1668
Resolution of project issues arising after placed-in-service Kevin Clark, Portfolio Manager 614.752.4550
Media relations or information requests Michelle Noel-Schierloh, Administrative Professional 614.387.2868
Requests for IRS Forms 8609 Jim Evans, Analyst 614.728.2337
Restrictive Covenant Releases or Modifications Kevin Clark, Portfolio Manager 614.752.4550
Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) Debbie Leasure, Planner 614.995.4512